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Managing Candidates
Managing Candidates

Everything to do with the management of candidates.

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Requesting Missing Candidate InformationFind out how to request candidates complete pre-screening questions they couldn't during the application process.
Can I collect a candidate's gender pronouns?Use our equality monitoring system to collect and use a candidate's pronouns
Add a candidate to the Talent Pipeline from a JobKeep your best candidates on file for future vacancies
How To Schedule An Interview for a Talent Pipeline CandidateInterview talent pipeline candidates ahead of their inclusion in a job's hiring process.
Rejecting Candidates via Workflow AutomationUse our workflow automation to speed up the process of screening candidates
Reviewing Candidates in PinpointUse Queuing and Compare views to View candidates quicker and more effectively
Can I collect Diversity & Inclusion information for manually-added candidates?Send a post-application demographic survey to candidates who've been added to your Pinpoint system manually.
How do I add multiple candidates to Pinpoint in bulk?Our bulk uploading tools helps you add multiple new candidates to your system with ease.
Candidate Surveys - Setting Up & Reviewing the DataRun a candidate survey to gather insight on your hiring process.
Using the Candidate Comparison ViewInstantly compare candidates' applications side by side
How to Create & Send SMS Text Messages to CandidatesLearn how to use our SMS text messaging feature
Blocking Duplicate CandidatesStop repeat applications clogging up a job's candidate list
How to Use Our Tagging FeatureUse candidate tagging to improve candidate analytics and make better hiring decisions
How to Delete a CandidateLearn how to remove an applicant from your system
How to Use Offer ManagementLearn how to send offer letters to new hires
How to Schedule All Day InterviewsLearn how to setup an interview that lasts a full day and invite a candidate to it
How Anonymous Screening WorksUse this feature to remove bias from your screening process
Are emails from candidates viewable in Pinpoint?
What Does The Talent Pipeline Invite Email Look Like?
What Email Does A Candidate Receive When They Are Added To Our Talent Pipeline?
Sharing a link to a JobShare via a URL, a social media post or even a QR code
A Candidate Applied For A Job But I Didn't Receive An Email
Can I upload a CV to an existing application?
Can We Prevent An Application From Being Submitted Based On Answers To Questions In The Application Form?
How Do I View Other Applications If a Candidate Has Applied For Multiple Jobs?
What Is The Talent Pipeline?
How Do I Search for a Candidate?
What Is The Candidate Star Rating and How Do I Apply it to Canddiates?
How Can I Tell Which Candidates Have Been Added Manually?
Once I’ve Manually Added a Candidate, Will They Be Emailed Automatically?
How to Add a Comment Against a Candidates RecordLearn how to add a comment for a candidate
How to Manually Add/Apply a Candidate to a JobLearn how to manually add a candidate as an applicant to a job
How to View a Candidates Application Form
How to Move a Candidate to the Next Stage in the Hiring WorkflowMove candidates through the stages of the Hiring Workflow
Can I Send An Ad-hoc Email To A Candidate Without It Being Part Of An Interview Email?Emailing candidates ad-hoc
Will a candidate be sent an email when I move them to a different interview stage?Learn whether candidates are emailed automatically
How is the Candidate Summary Generated?Learn how Pinpoint auto-generates the candidate summary
Will a candidate be sent an email when I reject them?Learn whether candidates are emailed automatically
What Are Email Templates?Learn about email templates
How to Reject a CandidateLearn how to reject an applicant to one of your jobs
How to Email a CandidateLearn how to email applicants to your jobs
How to Edit a Hiring WorkflowMake changes to your Hiring Workflows
How to Create/Edit/Delete Email TemplatesCreate and edit on-brand email templates that can be used across your organisation
How to Create a Hiring WorkflowCreate custom hiring workflows for each of your jobs
The Candidate Profile ViewUse our Candidate profile view to see all the applications a candidate has made to the company