Managing Candidates
Everything to do with the management of candidates.
Requesting Missing Candidate Information
Can I collect a candidate's gender pronouns?
Add a candidate to the Talent Pipeline from a Job
Rejecting Candidates via Workflow Automation
Reviewing Candidates in Pinpoint
Can I collect Diversity & Inclusion information for manually-added candidates?
How do I add multiple candidates to Pinpoint in bulk?
Candidate Surveys - Setting Up & Reviewing the Data
Using the Candidate Comparison View
How to Create & Send SMS Text Messages to Candidates
Blocking Duplicate Candidates
Slack Integration
How to Use Our Tagging Feature
How to Delete a Candidate
How to Use Offer Management
How to Schedule a Video Interview Using the MyInterview Integration
How to Schedule All Day Interviews
How Anonymous Screening Works
Are emails from candidates viewable in Pinpoint?
What Does The Talent Pipeline Invite Email Look Like?
What Email Does A Candidate Receive When They Are Added To Our Talent Pipeline?
How to Send Candidate Data to PeopleHR
Sharing a link to a Job
A Candidate Applied For A Job But I Didn't Receive An Email
Can I upload a CV to an existing application?
Can We Prevent An Application From Being Submitted Based On Answers To Questions In The Application Form?
How Do I View Other Applications If a Candidate Has Applied For Multiple Jobs?
What Is The Talent Pipeline?
How Do I Search for a Candidate?
What Is The Candidate Star Rating and How Do I Apply it to Canddiates?
How Can I Tell Which Candidates Have Been Added Manually?
How to Schedule an Interview With a Candidate
Once I’ve Manually Added a Candidate, Will They Be Emailed Automatically?
How to Add a Comment Against a Candidates Record
How to Manually Add/Apply a Candidate to a Job
How to View a Candidates Application Form
How to Move a Candidate to the Next Stage in the Hiring Workflow
Can I Send An Ad-hoc Email To A Candidate Without It Being Part Of An Interview Email?
Will a candidate be sent an email when I move them to a different interview stage?
How is the Candidate Summary Generated?
Will a candidate be sent an email when I reject them?
What Are Email Templates?
How to Reject a Candidate
How to Email a Candidate
How to Edit a Hiring Workflow
How to Create/Edit/Delete Email Templates
How to Create a Hiring Workflow