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Managing Candidates
Managing Candidates

Everything to do with the management of candidates.

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How do I set up and review candidate surveys in Pinpoint?Configure Pinpoint to automatically survey candidates and review the results for valuable insights.
How does Anonymized Screening work?Assess applicants based on their experience, skills, and qualifications by removing identity details
How do I share a job link from Pinpoint?Easily share job links on Pinpoint via URL, social media, QR code or custom link.
What is the Candidate Star Rating and how can I apply it to candidates?Apply a 5-star scale rating to candidates for a quick and easy evaluation.
Candidate Skills

How do I view a Candidate's profile?Access a candidate's profile to get all the context you need to inform your hiring decision.
How can I use tags to organize and analyze candidate data?Organize your candidate data by creating custom tags and use them to gain insight and make better hiring decisions.
How can I view other applications if a candidate has applied for multiple jobs?Easily view other applications from a candidate who has applied for multiple jobs.
How do I review Candidates in Pinpoint?Use Queuing and Compare views to View candidates quicker and more effectively
How do I use the Candidate Comparison View?Easily compare the details of multiple candidates side by side in Pinpoint's Candidate Comparison view.
How do I view a candidate's application form?Locate and click the candidate's name to view their application form.
Why didn't I receive an email notification when a candidate applied for a job?Make sure to communicate with recruiters when they manually add candidates to avoid missing application notifications.
How is the Candidate Summary Generated?Learn how Pinpoint automatically generates a summary of a candidate's experience and qualifications based on their uploaded CV.
How can I search for a specific candidate?Use the search bar in 'All Candidates' to find a specific candidate's profile.
How can I collect a candidate's gender pronouns?Enable the Gender Pronouns section in your Equality Monitoring options to collect and display pronouns in a candidate's profile.
How can I request missing information from a candidate?Request missing information from a candidate in Pinpoint.
How do I comment on a candidate's application?Easily record your observations or leave a general note on a candidate's application for audit or collaboration purposes.
Can I upload a CV to an existing application?Add a CV to an existing application by clicking the 'Résumé' tab and selecting a .pdf or .docx file.
How can I delete a candidate from a Job or Talent Pipeline?Permanently remove a candidate from the system in just a few clicks.
How do I block duplicate candidates from applying?Prevent applicants from applying to the same role more than once in Pinpoint.
How do I unmerge/split two merged candidates?