Getting Started

If you're new to Pinpoint then start here. We'll get you up to speed in no time!

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Managing Your Careers Portal

Everything to do with your branded Pinpoint Careers Portal.

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Managing Jobs

Everything to do with the creation and management of jobs.

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Managing Candidates

Everything to do with the management of candidates.

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See in detail how Interviews work in Pinpoint

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Everything to do with Pinpoint Reporting.

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Managing Your Organisation

Learn how to manage your employees and their access to Pinpoint

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Managing Your Hiring Team

Everything to do with managing users and third-party recruiters / agencies.

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Privacy and Security

Learn about how your data is stored and accessed

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Managing Your Adverts

Everything to do with advertising your jobs

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Learn how to connect your Pinpoint system to other platforms

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Customising Pinpoint

Find out how you can customise Pinpoint to better meet your needs

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Onboarding Module

Learn how to configure and use the Pinpoint Onboarding module.

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Product Updates

See all the details of latest features and updates.

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