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Learn how to connect your Pinpoint system to other platforms

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Enabling Indeed ApplyHave candidates apply to your roles without ever leaving Indeed.
Automatically listing Pinpoint roles on Indeed with our Indeed XML feedUse our Indeed RSS feed to have your jobs automatically pulled through to Indeed
How to list Pinpoint jobs on any website
Using the Chrome Browser ExtensionSource candidates from Linkedin and other websites directly to Pinpoint
Using our LinkedIn Limited Listing IntegrationPost your Pinpoint vacancies directly to your company's listed jobs in LinkedIn
Setting up Azure Active Directory as your IDPA guide to using Azure Active Directory as your Identity provider to allow single sign on into Pinpoint
Slack IntegrationA short guide on how to setup a Slack integration
Using the SEEK IntegrationLearn how to configure and use our integration with SEEK to post your vacancies
Using the Codility IntegrationSend Codility candidate assessments directly in Pinpoint
Using the Gusto Integration
Enabling 2-way SMS via the Twilio IntegrationAllow candidates to reply to your interview and other text messages
Using the Sterling IntegrationMany of our customers use Sterling as their background check provider, with our new integration it's now even easier via Pinpoint.
Using the DocuSign IntegrationUse your DocuSign templates directly in Pinpoint
Using the ADP Workforce Now IntegrationPush your candidate's details into ADP
Using the Cintra IntegrationSend candidates directly to Cintra's HR and Payroll Software
Using the Checkr Background Checking IntegrationPerform background checks using your Checkr account from within Pinpoint
Using the IntelliHR IntegrationPush candidates directly to your IntelliHR system from Pinpoint
Using the JotForm integrationUse JotForm to send out custom surveys to your candidates
Using the Bryq Integration
How do I post my jobs on Totaljobs?
How do I post my Jobs to Cambridge Network?Link Pinpoint to Cambridge Network to post jobs directly.
How do I post my jobs to Recruit Military?
Using our RefNow IntegrationRequest candidate reference checks and have the results returned directly to Pinpoint.
Integrating Pinpoint with the Certn Background Checking Platform
How to enable the Okta integration with PinpointUse Okta's Single Sign On to log in to Pinpoint
Using the Pinpoint Zapier Integration
Integrating Pinpoint with BambooHRSet up and send hired candidates directly into your BambooHR system
How to configure your JumpCloud integrationConnect your Pinpoint system to JumpCloud
Using the Zinc IntegrationRun and review Zinc background checks on candidates from within your Pinpoint system
Using the Rippling integrationSend hired candidates to Rippling's HRIS, directly from the Pinpoint interface
Using the Criteria integrationSend your candidates Criteria assessments to complete, right from within the Pinpoint interface
Using the Humaans IntegrationSend candidates to your Humaans account
Using the TrustID IntegrationSend Right to Work / Background Check invites to your candidates
Using the Canditech IntegrationSend Canditech assessments through Pinpoint
How to Schedule a Video Interview Using the MyInterview Integration
Using the LastPass SAML Integration
How to Send Candidate Data to PeopleHROnce you've hired a candidate, this is how to push their data to PeopleHR
Using the Bob IntegrationUse our HiBob integration to push candidates and all their data into your HRIS
Using the Cappfinity IntegrationSend Cappfinity assessments through Pinpoint
List of fields sent to HiBobAll the fields sent to HiBob when using the Data Mapping workflow
Using the CV-Library IntegrationUse Pinpoint's CV-Library integration to post your jobs directly to CV-Library, and have candidates apply using CV-Library's DirectApply
Using the Appcast IntegrationUse Appcast's programmatic job advertising to place job adverts for your Pinpoint jobs, learning and refining as it does so.
Using the First Advantage KnowYourPeople IntegrationConnect Pinpoint to perform background checks using First Advantage KnowYourPeople, their UK and EMEA background checking tool
Using the Deel IntegrationSend details of your hired candidates directly to Deel's HR platform
Using the Metaview Integration
Using our Verified First integrationHow to use the Verified First integration
Setting up Single Sign On using SAMLAllow your team to log in to Pinpoint using your existing Identity Provider's accounts
Setting up Single Sign On using Google OAuthAllow your team to log in to Pinpoint using your existing Google accounts
Using the Sapling IntegrationPush any new hires made with Pinpoint directly into your Sapling account.
Using the BreatheHR integrationPush any new hires made with Pinpoint directly into your BreatheHR account.
TestGorilla Integration