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Managing Your Hiring Team
Managing Your Hiring Team

Everything to do with managing users and third-party recruiters / agencies.

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How do I set up an onboarding experience for my users?Ensure your users configure essential settings and integrations to get the most out of Pinpoint's core features.
How do I add my profile as a Hiring Manager?Customize your public profile as a Hiring Manager in Pinpoint and make it visible to prospective candidates.
How do I manage user access in Pinpoint?Easily add and manage user access in your Pinpoint platform using our User Management system.
Understanding RolesA deeper look at the Roles that are available in Pinpoint
How do I assign a Recruitment Manager?Assign recruiters to vacancies and manage their workload.
How do I remove/delete an Access Group, and what happens to the Users?Affects of removing an access group on users
How do I grant Permissions to an individual user?
How can I connect everyone's calendar (Cronofy Enterprise Connect)?