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Managing Jobs
Managing Jobs

Everything to do with the creation and management of jobs.

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How do I create a Job?Learn how to create a job in Pinpoint by filling in the relevant fields and adding questions to the application form.
Creating and Using Offer Letter TemplatesCreate multiple offer letter and offer email templates in Pinpoint to customise your offer process.
How do I post a job to multiple locations?Easily create multiple postings for a job available in multiple locations to attract applicants from different areas.
Creating and using Job Templates in PinpointCreate template job details for the roles you hire for regularly with Pinpoint's Job Template system
How do I enforce a headcount on a job?Ensure a limited number of hires for a job position by setting a maximum headcount.
Using Template Questions on Job Application PagesTemplate the screening questions you ask your applicants when they apply to your vacancies, and group your common questions into Collections
How can I find my unique referral links for employee referrals?Find your unique referral links for employee referrals and track the status of applications made using your links.
Reassigning a Hiring Workflow TemplateAssign a new Hiring Workflow to an already-live vacancy
Can I add custom questions to our Job Application Forms?Add custom questions to your job application forms, filter candidates based on answers, and automate actions.
How do I invite a candidate to a job from my Talent Pipeline?Invite candidates to apply for a job directly from your Talent Pipeline in a few simple steps.
How do I award a candidate the job?Once you're candidate has accepted the offer here's what to do
What should I include in the Job Benefits section?Learn how to showcase your company and position to attract candidates.
Can I Edit the Interview Stages?Learn how to add, edit, and reorder interview stages to customize your hiring workflow.
How do I delete a Job?Permanently remove a job from Pinpoint.
How do I re-open a Job?Re-open a previously closed or archived job and make it live on your job portal.
How do I archive a Job?Remove a job from your public portal and move it to the 'Archived Jobs' section.
How do I close a Job?Remove a job from your public facing jobs portal and indicate that it is closed.
How do I edit a Job?Make changes to any of the details for a job you previously created
How do I create an Interview Type and assign it to a Job?Save time by creating Interview Types and easily assigning them to different stages of your hiring workflow.
Can I edit more than one job at a time?Select multiple jobs and edit their status or details in bulk
Leave notes or comments on a jobYou can comment or leave notes for your team or for yourself on every job in Pinpoint
What are my different visibility options when creating a job?
How do I change the Application questions for Internal vs External Candidates?