For Customers on the Enterprise plan you can create custom hiring workflows. These are reusable templates defining the separate stages in the hiring process that you want for any given job vacancy. Once one is created it can be used for any job vacancies that you create in the future. 

Customers on the Growth and Professional plans only have one interview stage available and will not be able to see the 'Hiring Workflows' option in the main menu.

You may wish to create a hiring workflow for each type of hire, so for example you could have separate hiring workflows for junior hires, middle level management hires, executive hires and technical hires, with the more junior hires having less stages than the senior hires. Additionally, you may want a slightly different workflow for a customer facing hire, for example, with a role playing exercise forming part of the hiring process.

Create a Hiring Workflow

First, browse to the navigation on the left hand side of your Pinpoint Admin Screen and select 'Hiring Workflows' under the 'Settings' section.

Next, click 'New Hiring Workflow':

Give your hiring workflow a memorable name, e.g. Executive Hires.

You should see your new hiring workflow appear on the screen, with the default stages of Rejected, Applied, Review, Interview and hired:

You can now begin to add your additional stages for the hiring workflow. Click 'Add Stage'. You should see the following pop up.

Give your stage a name, e.g. 'Presentation by Candidate'. If the stage requires an interview with the candidate tick the box:

If the stage isn't an interview but perhaps an internal stage in the process, for example 'Management Review' then you should leave the tick box unticked.

Once you have created your new stage it will appear at the bottom of the list as follows:

To move it, left click the arrows icon and hold your mouse button down, then drag it up to where you would like it to move to, then release your mouse button. 

To add additional stages simply click 'Add Stage' and fill in the information as previously explained.

Once you've finished your hiring workflow, you can add it to an existing job or a new one.

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