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Career Site Pages
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One of the key features of career sites is the ability to create multiple pages. This allows you to organize your content and provide a seamless experience for job seekers. In this article, we will walk you through the steps of creating a page on your career site. Its also helpful if you have multiple brands and want to display different pages for each one.

How do I add a new Career Site Page?

To create a page on your career site, you will first need to access your career site in Pinpoint. Then click on the "+ Add" button at the top.

When creating a new page, you will be prompted to provide a Name, slug, and theme. The Name is the title of your page and will be displayed to job seekers. The slug is the URL for your page and should be short. The theme allows you to choose a design template for your page, giving you the flexibility to create a consistent brand across different sections of your company.

Once you've created a page, you can add blocks to populate it with content. If you would like it to connect to your home page, you can add it to the navigation.

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