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Career Site Blocks
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Career site pages are built of blocks, which are stacked vertically and can contain text, images, videos, or even jobs.

To add blocks to a career site, please go to the Company profile and click on the Career site menu. It's recommended to make changes to your draft site.

Each block is made up of content. If we take a look at the Pinpoint Career site you can see that there are three blocks:

  1. A hero block showing a large image

  2. A text block explaining our values

  3. A glassdoor block with a recent review

What is the parking lot?

When you create a new block it is automatically put in the parking lot. This section allows you to create and edit blocks before they show up on your page. Its also helpful for storing seasonal blocks that you might want to use again.

How do I create a Block?

To create a new block on your career site, select the block you want to add, then click on the Create button. Depending on the block, a window will slide open and ask you to fill in information.

What kind of blocks can I add?


The Cards block allows you to display multiple pieces of information in a concise and visually appealing format. Each card can contain an image, title, description, and a link, making it easy to highlight key features, benefits, or offerings in a structured and accessible manner. Cards are great for visually showing a list of items.


The Carousel block enables you to showcase a series of images, videos, or content slides in a rotating format. This block is perfect for highlighting multiple items dynamic way. In this example, I created a Carousel of Glassdoor reviews (the carousel part. A Carousel has 2 parts.

  1. The carousel block: control where the carousel is on the page.

  2. The carousel section: filled with other blocks that will be rotated through.


The Glassdoor block allows you to add reviews and ratings with a link back to Glassdoor. This block helps build trust and transparency by displaying real employee feedback about your company, giving potential candidates insight into your workplace culture and employee satisfaction.


The Hero block is designed to make a strong visual impact with a large, prominent image or video. It typically includes a compelling headline, subheadline, and call to action button. Most career sites start with a hero block.


The HTML block allows you to add custom HTML code to your page. It is ideal for embedding third-party widgets, custom scripts, or any specialized content that requires HTML and gives you complete control over the design and functionality.

Image Gallery

The Image Gallery block allows you to display a collection of images in a grid. This block is perfect for showcasing company events, office environments, team photos, or any visual content that enhances your brand. Use the Image Gallery if you also want to include a single photo.


The Jobs block automatically displays a list of current job openings at your company. This block can be configured to prefilter locations, departments, and other relevant details, making it easy for candidates to find and apply for positions.


The Navigation block adds a menu to your page, providing links to different sections or pages within your career site. This block helps improve user experience by making it easy for visitors to find and access the necessary information. You can add navigation items below the block sections.


Testimonial block showcases quotes and endorsements from employees or clients, highlighting positive experiences and success stories. This block builds credibility and provides social proof, helping to attract and reassure potential candidates.


The Text block allows you to add and format plain text content on your page. This block is versatile and can be used for various purposes, such as providing detailed information, sharing company news, or explaining processes and procedures.


The Video block lets you embed video content directly onto your page from sources like YouTube or Vimeo. This block is great for sharing company culture videos, employee testimonials, job role overviews, or Pinpoints Talent Talks series.

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