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Career Site Navigation
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Navigation is an essential element for any website, including your career site page. It allows your visitors to easily navigate through your content and find the information they are looking for. In this article, we will guide you through the process of adding navigation to your career site page.

How do I add Navigation to my Career Site Page?

In order to have navigation on your career site page, you must first add the navigation block. This can be done by going to the block section of your page, selecting the Navigation block, and clicking on the "Create" button. From there, move it from the Parking Lot to the Active section.

How do I add items to the Navigation Bar?

Once you have added the navigation block to your page, you can add items to it. To do this, scroll down to the "Site Navigation" section and click on the "Add a Link" button.

From here, you can paste in a URL and add a label.

How do I add a Link to a Pinpoint Page?

If you want to add a link to a page within Pinpoint, you will need to add the slug as the URL. To get the slug go to the page, and click on Edit Page

The page will appear with the slug. Copy the slug to use in the next step.

Close the edit page, scroll down to the Site Navigation section, and click on "Add a Link".

Paste the Slug as the URL and click Save

How do I add a "scroll down" type link?

If you have a long page with multiple sections, you may want to add a "scroll down" link to allow your visitors to easily navigate to a specific section. To do this, you need to make sure that the section you want to scroll down to has an ID. This can be done by adding the "HTML ID" attribute to the block.

Once you have added the ID, you can add a link to that section by using the "#" symbol followed by the ID. For example, if the ID of your section is "testimonials", the link would be "#testimonials". This will create a clickable link that will automatically scroll down to the specified section when clicked.

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