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How do I add a Group Assessment to a Job or Hiring Workflow?
How do I add a Group Assessment to a Job or Hiring Workflow?
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How to Add a Group Assessment to a Hiring Workflow

Group assessments are a great way to evaluate multiple candidates at once and see how they work together as a team. Once you have created a group assessment, you can easily add it to a hiring workflow so that applicants who apply for a job can attend a session. If the job is already created, you can edit the stages of the job and add a group assessment stage.

Step 1: Add an Interview Type Stage

After following the steps to edit the hiring workflow template, or edit the stages of a job, go to add an interview type to the hiring flow.

Drag an Interview type stage into your existing stage flow.

Step 2: Select Group Assessment as Interview Type

After adding the interview stage, you will see a menu where you can choose the interview type. Select "Group Assessment" from the list.

Now, you can choose the specific group assessment you want to add to this stage. Click on the drop-down menu and select the group assessment you created earlier.

Once added to a job, you can begin inviting candidates to the Group Assessment.

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