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How can I connect everyone's calendar (Cronofy Enterprise Connect)?
How can I connect everyone's calendar (Cronofy Enterprise Connect)?
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What is Cronofy Enterprise Connect?

Enterprise Connect is a feature that allows a company to authorize Cronofy to connect to its entire calendar system at once. This eliminates the need for each user to go through their calendar's authorization and connection process. For any users added prior to the Enterprise Connect link, we need to ask our development team to sync them.

When to use Cronofy Enterprise Connect?

With Enterprise Connect, you can easily connect Pinpoint to Cronofy without requiring authorization from your IT team every time. This feature is particularly useful for larger organizations with multiple platforms to manage, where connection requests can easily get lost or ignored. Once the connection is approved, your IT team can step out of the process and allow your team to focus on scheduling interviews.

Enterprise Connect can also help prevent disconnections and keep permissions for what we are allowed to access sensible. With this feature, you can enjoy a seamless scheduling experience without worrying about disconnections or broad permissions.

How do I get Started?

To use Cronofy Enterprise Connect with Pinpoint we will need to first allow this change on our end. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or the Pinpoint Support Team to enable this feature.

Once enabled, you'll need to add a user to Pinpoint who can grant access to your calendar system - this is normally an IT team member. More on how to add a user here. This user will need the "Platform Administration - Company" permission enabled on their account.

Ask them to sign into Pinpoint and navigate to Profile > Integrations.

They'll need to grant access in your service provider, either Office 365, Exchange or Google. Click on the relevant button for your service provider, and follow the steps outlined in this Cronofy help guide.

Once you've completed this, authorize Pinpoint with your service provider by clicking on the green button labelled Authorize Pinpoint.

Instruction for Users

Once connected users will need to click on the Profile Image > Settings > Integrations to see the connection page. On this page all they need to do is click on Sync Calendar for the connection to become active.

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