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How do I manage user access in Pinpoint?
How do I manage user access in Pinpoint?

Easily add and manage user access in your Pinpoint platform using our User Management system.

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Adding and managing user access to your Pinpoint platform is now easier than ever with the introduction of our new User Management system.

Core Concepts

When adding new users to Pinpoint, there are several pieces of terminology you'll need to be familiar with:

  • Permissions: Pinpoint's Permissions designate what functionality a user has access to within your Pinpoint system. These have sections like "Platform Administration" and "Job Administration" with separate permissions within these sections. Each permission gives access to implicit functionality in its own right, and users can be allocated with a tailored selection of permissions to give them the access needed in your companies pinpoint platform.

  • Visibilities: Visibilities designate where in your Company's locations and departments a user is able to perform the functions assigned to them with Permissions. For example, if you give someone the 'Interview Manager' Permission, and then give them Visibility over your London location, they will be able to configure and invite candidates to interviews in any jobs that have London set as their location. You can assign Visibilities at any level of the company, from individual job stages all the way to company-wide.

  • Access Groups: Pinpoint can group Permissions and Roles and User settings you assign regularly into 'Access Groups'. These allow you to set up default user types using job titles you're familiar with such as Hiring Manager, Executive, Interviewer, etc, so that when you come to add users to the platform, you can be sure that the access you're giving them is correct for their status.

    For example, you could set up an access group called Super Admin, that has all Permissions enabled, and gives Visibility across the entire company, so that each time you add this type of user, there's less chance of giving them the wrong access or functionality.

It's also possible to upload multiple users in a single operation, and assign them en mass to an access group. You can do this by adding user details in directly to the system, or uploading a CSV file of users from our downloadable template.

Setting Up Access Groups

1: To configure your custom access groups, navigate to the Company > User Management page from Pinpoint's navigation bar. The team page will show you a list of the current users within the platform. At the top of this page, click on the Access Group tab, and from this page, select New Access Group

2. Give the group a name and description so that other anyone adding users understands the group configuration. You'll also be able to assign this group as referral users, so that they will automatically be given access to the company candidate referral system.

3. Assign the group some Permissions. If you assign no permissions, the users will be given the "Included in the Interview team" permission - our most basic permission, which allows them to be invited to take part in interviews and in turn, allows them to see details of the candidate they are interviewing including Résumé, Scorecards and Comments.

4. Assign the group some Visibilities, if required. For example. you may want to grant executives and administrators visibility to all jobs in the Company, so you could add Company-level visibility to this group. Conversely, you may want to grant Hiring Managers access only to jobs in their own departments, which will be different for every Hiring Manager, so you can skip visibilities for the group, and assign them at the point you add new users of this type into the system.


  • Access Groups can be edited after they have been created, and updating them will update all users who've been assigned to the group. You may for example choose to give your 'Hiring Managers' all of the "Job" permissions a few weeks after you've gone live with the platform and they're up to speed on the basic running of the hiring process through the platform.

  • You can change the Access Group people belong to, or override any Access Group settings for an individual user at any time by clicking on the team member's name and adjusting their settings.

Adding a User to the Platform

1: Navigate to the Company > User Management page from Pinpoint's navigation bar. The team page will show you a list of the current users within the platform. At the top of this page, click on the Invite New User button.

2. Assign the new user(s) a User Group from your predefined list, or choose Custom to give them unique Permissions and Visibilities.

3. Press the Add User button to add one of more new users into the list, and add in their required personal details. Conversely, if you want to upload a large number of users of the same Access Group together, you can download, fill in and upload a CSV template file using the Download Template and Upload Template buttons here.

4. On the Visibilities page, you'll be able to see what Visibilities the user will inherit from their access group. For example, a Super Admin will 'inherit' visibility to the company level of the organisation.

You can then add to these visibilities, either for all the users you're adding in, or individually or for individual users by clicking their name from the user list at the bottom of the page.

5. You can then review the users you're adding, and once you're happy everything is correct, you can complete the process which will send out the invite email to the users you're adding.

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