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How do I send documents for signature during the hiring process?
How do I send documents for signature during the hiring process?

Send documents to candidates for electronic signature during the hiring process.

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In Pinpoint, you can choose to associate one or more documents with a particular hiring workflow stage, and send these documents out to candidates when they reach that stage. Candidates can then electronically sign and return the documents to you if need be.

Documents are configured as templates in Pinpoint, and can then be associated to your hiring workflow templates so that they are always present whenever a new job is created, or you can add a document template to any existing job.

The Document Sending feature is available on our Light, Plus or Unlimited plans. Speak to your Customer Success Specialist for more details.

Setting up documents to use in Hiring Workflows

Step 1

Select the Templates menu under the settings heading in Pinpoint's left hand menu bar.

Step 2

Select the Document Templates area, and then the Create New button

Step 3

Give the document a name and set the Document Type. Use Uploaded if you don't need the candidate to return the document to you after they receive it, or use DropboxSign/Hellosign, if you want the candidate to be able to e-sign and return it. Then, press the Add File button to upload the document you wish to send, before pressing the Save button at the bottom. The document can now be added to a hiring workflow stage.

How do I add a document to a hiring workflow stage?

You can add documents to your hiring workflow templates to use on any vacancies created in the future, and add them to any existing job's hiring workflow.

For new jobs, via your Hiring Workflow Templates

To add documents to your hiring workflow templates, open the Hiring Workflow Templates page in the Templates menu. Select the edit button on any stage you wish to add documents to, and select the document template from the list. Make sure to save the workflow when you've finished editing.

For existing jobs

Step 1

On any existing job, while looking at the candidate list, select the Edit and then the Edit Stages menu.

Step 2

Scroll down and select the Edit button on any existing stage, or drag a new stage into the workflow if you need a new one.

Step 3

With the Edit Stage menu open, select the document to assign to the stage with the Document Template dropdown menu. Press the Submit button at the bottom when you've finished editing.

How do I send a document to a candidate for signing?

Once you have configured your document templates and assigned them to hiring workflow stages, you can send them from any candidate's profile.

Step 1

Navigate to a candidate's profile that you wish to send a document to.

Step 2

Using the more options button (the three small dots) select the Send document to candidate option. The system will send the document straight away. If the candidate is not in the stage with the associated document, you can still send it, but you'll be warned before you do so.

Step 3

The candidate will now be emailed a link to view and sign the document. When the candidate responds, you'll be notified via the notification system as long as this notification is enabled (which it will be by default).

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