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Using Template Questions on Job Application Pages
Using Template Questions on Job Application Pages

Template the screening questions you ask your applicants when they apply to your vacancies, and group your common questions into Collections

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Pinpoint allows you to add pre-screening questions to any vacancy, which can be used to gather information you need as part of the application process, but also to give you the ability to filter candidates by the answers they give, greatly speeding up the process of screening and dealing with groups of candidates together.

Alongside the ability to create custom questions on the New Job page, you can standardize the questions you ask across your vacancies by setting up Question Templates. The templates can then be picked from a list rather than needing to write the questions out each time a new vacancy is being created.

You can also create collections of these questions so you can add the same group of questions to any job.

How do I set up my template questions?

Step 1: Navigate to the Templates menu under the Settings menu in the left hand side of Pinpoint (Please note: You will need to hold the role of Company Manager to access this section of the platform).

Step 2: Select the Question Bank section of the templates menu, and then press the Create New button

Step 3: Choose the type of question you will be asking, and fill in the details. (Note: In the candidate overview page of any job in Pinpoint, you can filter the list of candidates by answers they give to either Yes/No or Multiple Choice questions)

Decide if the question is a required (an application can't be submitted without this question being completed if it is a required question) and whether the answer here is Sensitive (only visible to those with the Sensitive Answer Viewer role in Pinpoint).

Step 4: Press the Update Question button, and the question is then ready to use on any new jobs you create.

How do I set up collections of questions?

Step 1: Once you have created your questions, you can group them into Question Collections, so that groups of the questions can be added to your vacancies. At the top of the template questions page, click on the Collections tab.

Step 2: Click the Create New button to create a new collection. You'll then be able to give the collection a title, and click on the Questions field to add your questions to the collection.

Step 3: You can re-organise the order the questions appear in on your application form by clicking and dragging the small dots to the right of each question you have added to the collection.

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