Pinpoint's Offer system can accommodate multiple offer letter and offer email templates, to give a more standardised offer process across your Pinpoint roles.

Offer letter and offer email templates are no longer set up on a job-by-job basis, but reside in the Template area of Pinpoint. You can then pick an Offer Template to use when making the offer to a candidate who resides in an Offer workflow stage in Pinpoint

Creating an Offer Template

Step 1: Navigate to the Templates area of Pinpoint under the Settings title. From here, choose Offer Templates. To make sure all your existing job-by-job offer letters from the first version of this feature aren't lost, we have created each job's offer letter as a template already.

Step 2: Click Create New to open the New Offer page. From here, give the Offer a title. You can also add a new logo to each template and adding one will replace the company logo on the letter.

Step 3: You'll need to fill in the details of the Offer Letter and Offer Email.

You can add data that varies from candidate-to-candidate such as Days Off or Salary by clicking on the Insert Variable. You can also use variables from your Custom Fields here, which you may want to use for details we don't include in the Pinpoint offer system as standard, such as Bonus or LTIP payments.

Step 4. Once you are happy with the details of the letter and email, you can click the Save button at the bottom.

How do I enable offer management for my jobs?

To use the offer system, your job's hiring workflow must contain an Offer stage, which you can add to your Hiring Workflow templates in the Settings > Templates section of Pinpoint to use the next time you create a new job. You can also add an offer stage to any live job by navigating to the job's overview page and clicking on the Edit > Edit Stages button at the top of a job's overview page.

Any candidate in that stage will have an Offers tab in their candidate profile, where you'll be able to make and keep track of offers made to them.

How do I make an offer to a candidate using these templates?

A complete guide to using the offer system can be found here.

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