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How do I use Offer Management in Pinpoint?
How do I use Offer Management in Pinpoint?

Submit offer letters to candidates and track their acceptance or declination within Pinpoint's offer management feature.

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Offer management within Pinpoint enables you to submit an offer letter to a candidate. From there the candidate can review your offer and choose to accept or decline it.

Keeping this process in Pinpoint has a number of benefits for you including:

  • Reporting and MI - you'll be able to see what percentage of offers get accepted, helping you identify roadblocks in your hiring process.

  • Stay GDPR compliant - keeping this information in Pinpoint, ensures the candidate data is deleted in line with your data retention policy and enables the candidate to remove it should they wish to.

  • Central record - Pinpoint is your central record of all candidate data. Keeping details of their offer in Pinpoint ensures you and anyone else on the hiring team can stay up to date with the offer's progress.

Add the offer stage to the job

You can add an 'Offer' stage to a job in a hiring workflow template if you have access to edit those, or if not, you can add one to a job that wasn't initially set up with one. To do this, with the job open, click 'Edit' then 'Edit Stages':

Next, drag the 'Offer' stage onto the workflow:

Give it a name and click 'Save':

Now you're ready to move a candidate into this new stage.

Configure your offer letter and email Templates

The next step is to configure your offer letter, which you can do by following this guide here.

Submit an offer to a candidate

Your candidate will need to be in the offer stage before you can submit an offer. Head back to the list of candidates and tick the box next to the candidate who you wish to move into the offer stage. Then click 'Move Candidates' and then click your new offer stage:ย 

The next step is to enter the details of the offer for the candidate. With the candidate open click the 'Offers' tab and then click 'New Offer' as shown here:

Enter the offer details in the form that's presented to you, including picking out the offer letter and email template combination you want to use. For details on creating those templates, click here.

If you prefer that the candidate signs the offer with an 'E-signature' you can select this as an option which will prompt the candidate to sign the document within the offer letter web page.

When ready, hit send. The candidate will then receive an email that looks like this:

When they click the 'Review Offer' button they'll be taken to a web page that looks like this:

For offer letters with an 'E-signature' the candidate will view it as a PDF and can click on the signature section marked 'Click to sign' and prompted to sign the offer letter how they like:

The candidate can sign the offer letter by using the drawing function, typing out their signature or uploading an image of their signature:

The candidate will receive an email confirming that the signed or accepted offer letter has been sent to the hiring team and looks like this:

Once the candidate has signed the offer letter, a copy of the offer letter will be available to view within the documents section of the candidate's record.

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