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How can I move a candidate to the next stage in the hiring workflow?
How can I move a candidate to the next stage in the hiring workflow?

Easily move candidates between stages in the hiring process to streamline your workflow.

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The Hiring Workflow will contain all of your candidates that have applied for the job. Within it will be the various stages in the hiring process and each of these stages will have candidates in them. This article explains how to move them between these stages.
First, browse to the navigation on the left-hand side of your screen and select 'Manage Jobs' under the 'Jobs' section:

Click on the job title of the relevant job.

From here you can select either the 'All Candidates' tab or select one of the individual stages, e.g. 'Applied'. Next, tick the checkbox next to each of the candidates that you wish move:

Then, click the 'Move Stage' button:

Select the stage that you wish to move the candidate(s) to.

You'll be asked to confirm your choice, click Yes.

You will now see those candidates in the stage you just moved them to. Note that this won't trigger any emails or other actions to take place.

You may now want to email those candidates and the following help article explains how: How to Email a Candidate

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