Interview Types are used for each interview stage in the hiring workflow. Once created, you can assign it to an interview stage within any of your current or future job vacancies. They're templates that save you having to write out the same information multiple times.  

Create an Interview Type

Browse to the navigation on the left hand side of your Pinpoint Admin Screen and select 'Templates' under the 'Settings' section, the below page will appear:

Add a new interview type by clicking '+ Create New' the below screen will appear. Give it a name that will link with what the Interview encompasses, e.g. 'Competency Based Interview' (this is for internal eyes only):

Enter the address of where the interview will be held.

Select whether the interview is a fixed duration (e.g. 60 mins) or all day. If a fixed duration then enter the 'Duration in minutes'. This is used when the candidate schedules their interview. They'll be presented with time slots to choose from the these will be spaced apart at the interval you specify here.

Select whether the interview is face to face, phone or video based.

Add instructions for candidates, e.g. directions to the interview location, what to expect during the interview, any preparation that is required, etc.

Note that instructions for candidates will appear in the automated email that is sent to the candidate once you schedule the interview with them.


Assign the Interview Type to a Job Vacancy

Once you have created your Interview Type you can add it to a Job.

Browse to the navigation on the left hand side of your Pinpoint Admin Screen and select 'Manage Jobs' under the 'Jobs' section.

Locate the job you wish to add the Interview Type to and click on the job title. 

Click the 'Interviews' button:

If a Custom Hiring Workflow is applied to the job, you'll see a dropdown showing the various interview stages. Click the interview stage you want to edit, then click 'configeration':

In the 'Configuration' tab, click the dropdown as shown below and select the Interview Type you want to assign. Then click the Update button on the right to finish.

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