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May 2024 New Features - New question Types, Permissions and More
May 2024 New Features - New question Types, Permissions and More
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We are thrilled to announce some fantastic new updates for May. You can watch the video below for a detailed walkthrough or read on for a summary of each update.

Numbered Questions in Job Listings

We've introduced a new question type for job listings: numbered questions. This is particularly useful if you ask candidates specific quantitative questions, such as "How many years of experience do you have?". Numbered questions can be added when creating or editing a job.

Yes/No Questions in Scorecards

Yes/No questions have been added to scorecards. This feature allows you to include simple questions like "Do they have experience with this platform?" or "Do you think they are a good fit for the company?" This can be more straightforward than using a metric scale for specific evaluations. To add Yes/No questions, add the new question type to the scorecard’s template.

Logging Past Interviews

You can now log interviews that happened in the past. This feature is great for keeping records of interviews scheduled outside of Pinpoint. Go to a candidate's application, select the interview tab, and log the details of the interview. You can also mark candidates as no-shows for these logged interviews.

Edit Requisitions within the Approval Workflow

Last month, we added the ability to edit requisitions without re-triggering the approval workflow. This month, we've refined this feature. You can now edit requisitions during the review process without exiting the review panel. Click the edit button next to the fields you need to change, such as the reporting line, and save your updates.

Permissions for Moving Applicants

We've added a new permission setting that allows you to control which users can move applicants to different workflow stages. This is helpful for users who need to view candidate applications without altering their status. By default, this permission is enabled for all users who previously had access to jobs. You can turn this permission off, ensuring users can view but not move candidates. This permission is needed to copy or move candidates to other jobs.

Enforce Headcount on Jobs

You can now enforce a headcount on every job listing. This is useful for large organizations that want to automate the closing of jobs once the required number of candidates has been hired. This company-wide setting can be found under the company profile. Note that if you are using requisitions, this feature is not necessary, as requisitions already enforce a headcount.

View Job Listing Directly

A small but helpful update: you can now click "View Job" from the three-dot menu on any job listing. This allows you to see the job as it appears to applicants and makes it easier to share the listing with potential candidates. External recruiters can now use this feature to view public and confidential job listing information, like descriptions, responsibilities, and key skills.

Enforced Equality Monitoring Surveys

Equality monitoring templates have been updated to enforce survey completion. This is useful for regions with specific regulations regarding equality monitoring. When editing a template, you can now enforce the completion of the equality monitoring survey and include a "prefer not to say" option for each question. Ensure the explanatory text is updated to reflect mandatory sections if this feature is enforced.

We hope these updates enhance your experience with Pinpoint ATS. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager or Support.

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