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March 2024 New Features - Group Assessments, Private Jobs and more
March 2024 New Features - Group Assessments, Private Jobs and more
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Group Assessments: Invite candidates to in-person group assessments

For teams that host in-person group assessments or “open houses,” scheduling just got 10x easier. You can now set up group assessment sessions and invite multiple candidates across a range of jobs to sign up for those face-to-face sessions. Track how many people have signed up for a session to see which ones are more popular and where you may need to adjust internal schedules to ensure you have capacity. You can also limit capacity for each session so you are never oversubscribed.

You will see a status report from each invited candidate so you have visibility over who has and has not confirmed.

Reach out to your account manager to learn more and get started.

Job Multiposting: Bespoke job descriptions and application forms for internal candidates

Current employees already know what makes your team special—they don’t need the same employer brand information as new applicants. Plus, they have more relevant stories and can be specific in how they see themselves contributing to the team in a new role.

For customers with multi-job posting, you can set up internal job openings with separate descriptions and application forms for anyone applying from within the organization. Tailor job posts to a more in-the-know audience, and remove any unnecessary application questions to reduce friction.

Reach out to your account manager to learn more and get started.

Private Jobs: Access-restricted, “invite only” jobs

Some roles are extremely sensitive, or they may have sensitive information that you do not want the rest of your team to see. In these situations, you can create a Private Job. This is a type of job where no user inherits access—they must be explicitly given access by the creator.

Other small but mighty updates:

Interviews: Automatically add in-person location details to confirmations

Without a clear interview location, you can risk candidate confusion and no-shows. With Pinpoint, you can set an in-person interview location for an interview hiring workflow stage, and it will automatically feed this information into invite and confirmation emails. You can also set the location as optional if needed.

Requisitions: Edit requisitions even after they are built

Do your managers make last-minute updates or changes to requisitions? Now, Pinpoint makes it easier for them to edit requisitions—even after they are in the approval workflow. You can add information based on feedback and ensure everyone is happy with the final role description.

Split Merged Candidates

Separate candidate's applications that have been misidentified as belonging to a single candidate

Reed Job Posting Update

Include all Pinpoint job description fields in a posting to Reed

Total Jobs Direct Apply

Apply to Pinpoint jobs without leaving the Total Jobs website

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