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How do I enable Group Assessments?
How do I enable Group Assessments?
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How to Grant Permissions for Group Assessments

If you cannot see the Group Assessments option on the left side of your screen, under Candidates, it is likely that you do not have the necessary permissions. You either need to have this add-on enabled for your site, permission to create Group Assessments, or you need to be added to an existing Group Assessment.

The Group Assessments feature is available on select plans or as an add-on to any other plan. Speak to your Customer Success Specialist for more details.

Granting Permissions

To create and manage new group assessments, an individual will need permissions added to use this feature. You can either add the permission to an existing role or grant permissions to an individual user.

Once you have enabled Group Assessments for the user, they will now have access to this feature and can see it on the left side of their screen under Candidates.

Adding a Managing User to an Existing Group Assessment

If a Group Assessment has already been created then a user can be added as a Managing User. They will be able to manage a specific session, change times, and invite candidates to the session.

To add a user to a specific group assessment, navigate to the group assessment and click edit. Then add their name to the Managing User section.

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