How do I view a Candidate's profile?

Access a candidate's profile to get all the context you need to inform your hiring decision.

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When reviewing an application for a position, it's important to have as much context on the person behind the application as possible, including details of other applications they may have made to your company. In Pinpoint, you can get this context by using our Candidate Profile view. The profile view brings together all the applications a candidate has made to your company into a single place, so you can get all the context you need to help inform your hiring decision.

The profile view also allows you to take actions at a candidate level, rather than at an individual application level, including:

  • Applying candidate-level tags that are visible on every application they make

  • Commenting on their master record

  • Blocking a candidate from applying to any further positions with the company.

How do I see a Candidate's profile?

There are 2 ways to access a candidate's profile view.

From within an application to a role: Click on the profile button next to the applicant's name

From anywhere within the platform: Select the All Candidates menu under the Candidates heading.

Tagging a Candidate

Tags can be applied to both candidates, and their individual applications, so it's important to distinguish the difference.

  • Application Tags appear in the candidate's application to a specific position

  • Candidate Tags appear on the candidate's master record and are visible both in the candidate profile view, AND visible in every individual application they make.

As such, candidate tags should be used where there's a need for information to be immediately visible to anyone viewing an application from the candidate, now or in the future. You may, for example, wish to tag a candidate with a 'Never Hire' tag if a candidate has been assessed to be a permanently unsuitable hire.

How do I tag a Candidate rather than an Application?

From within the Candidate Profile view, select the Tags button, then the Add Tag button to reveal the list of tags to pick from. Select any relevant tags and they will be applied to the candidate as you select them.

Commenting on a Candidate

You can use the Candidate Profile view to comment on the candidate's master record.

Blocking a Candidate

Pinpoint provides options for setting limits on the maximum number of applications a candidate can make to any vacancy, but there may be occasions where you need to actively block a candidate from applying to the company.

Candidates are not informed when they are blocked, so they can continue to make applications to the company, but those applications will never be added to your Pinpoint platform, and cannot be recovered.

To block a candidate:

  1. From within the Candidate Profile view, select the More Options button (the three small dots) from the right hand side of a Candidate's profile details

  2. You'll be asked to confirm that you wish to proceed with the block. Once the block has been applied, you can reverse it at any time using the same menu, but any applications made during the block won't be recovered.

Candidates that have been blocked will be marked as such.

Merging Candidate Profiles

Pinpoint collates applications into candidate profiles based on matching email address. If you find that you have multiple candidate records for the same person, you can merge them together to create the correct single master record for the candidate

To merge candidate records together:

  1. From within the Candidate Profile view, select the More Options button (the three small dots) from the right hand side of a Candidate's profile details and select the Merge Candidate option.

  2. You'll be asked to confirm which candidate you want to merge this candidates details and when you've selected the correct name, you can press the Merge button.

Updating Candidate details to all the applications they've made

You can update a candidate's personal details, and that update will permeate out to all the various application they have made.

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