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How do I create a 'Furthest Stage Reached' report?
How do I create a 'Furthest Stage Reached' report?

Use Pinpoint's Report Builder to create a custom report that shows the furthest stage reached by candidates in a particular job.

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You might want to view a breakdown of all candidates or a funnel of candidates for a particular job, or you might want to see how far a candidate has gotten within a particular role - all of these questions can be answered by creating a Custom Candidate Report using Pinpoint's Report Builder

In this example, we'll focus on creating a "Furthest Stage Reached" report but note that you can tweak this for your own custom use by changing the data you'd like to see from the column drop-down list.

Report Builder is available on our Unlimited plans, or as an Add-On to any other plan. Speak to your Customer Success Specialist for more details.

Note: You will need to have the Reporting Manager role assigned to you to make the report builder visible in your platform.

We're going to run a Custom Candidate Report and filter for the job you're interested in getting this data for, if you're looking for one job specifically.

You'll want to start by creating a new report:

From the report type drop-down, choose candidate

Then, you'll want to add the columns you want data for on the left hand side. For this example, I've added Full name, Email and Furthest Stage Reached

Then, at the top of the report page, you'll want to filter for a specific job. Here, you'll select the Job filter, the equals operator, and then the job of your choice.

Then, you can run the report by clicking Run Report and this will generate a .CSV file with all the data columns you've added and filtered for.

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