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How do I post a job to multiple locations?
How do I post a job to multiple locations?

Easily create multiple postings for a job available in multiple locations to attract applicants from different areas.

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If you have a job that is available in multiple locations or departments, you can now create multiple postings for a single role - allowing you to funnel applicants from multiple locations through a single pinpoint role.

Our Job Multi-Posting feature is currently available on select plans. If you're interested in gaining access, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Once the feature has been enabled, you should be able to see the “Postings” tab inside your roles (contact our support team if you can't see this)

If you click into the postings tab then you will see the posting that is currently live for this Job.

To create a new posting for the job, then click on “+ New Posting” on the right.

From here you can enter any details needed for this additional posting – (don't forget to click save at the bottom!)

This additional posting will then show in the list on the postings page -

From here you will need to set the posting as active, by clicking the three dots to the right and “Set active”. You can deactivate the postings at any time.

These additional postings will then show on your careers site, and on any external job boards (eg. Indeed or LinkedIn), but all the candidates will be placed in the candidates list for the role.

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