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How To Schedule An Interview for a Talent Pipeline Candidate
How To Schedule An Interview for a Talent Pipeline Candidate
Interview talent pipeline candidates ahead of their inclusion in a job's hiring process.
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Before you can schedule interviews for Talent Pipeline Candidates, you'll first need to configure the Talent Pipeline interview process. To do this:

  1. From the left navigation menu select Candidates > Talent Pipeline, and select the Interviews Tab from the top header.

  2. The Interview Tab will then be broken down into three sub-tabs (Configuration, Availability, Invite)

  3. On the Configuration Tab, here you can add the Interview Template that you wish to have for your Talent Pipeline Interviews. You can only add one Interview Template here. You will also add the Hiring Teams and any notes you wish, similar to your Interview Templates

  4. On the Availability Tab, you can add time slots the same way as you would add time slots for your other Interviews. With the time slots created, you can then start inviting candidates to interview in the Talent Pipeline

How To Invite the Candidate:

  1. On the Invites Tab, you can select one or multiple candidates to invite to interview. Once you select the candidate(s) you will then see the "Invite to Interview" button above the candidate list. When you select that you can follow the prompts to send the invite email (which would be the Standard Candidate Talent Pipeline Interview Invite Email Template).

  2. The candidate will then receive an email to schedule their interview as the candidates scheduled for Job interviews would.

This video is s quick run through of what is instructed above:

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