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Signing-off Vacancy and Offer Approvals from your Pinpoint Dashboard
Signing-off Vacancy and Offer Approvals from your Pinpoint Dashboard

Add the approvals dashboard widgets to stay on top of offers and jobs that require your sign off.

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Pinpoint's main dashboard is fully customisable so that the details that are most important to you are immediately visible as soon as you log into the platform. For anyone who acts as a signatory on a sign-off workflow particularly, you can switch on the approvals widgets to see all your outstanding approval requests in once place.

How do I customise my dashboard to show the approvals widgets?

Step 1

Log into Pinpoint and select the Dashboard option from the top of the left hand navigation menu.

Step 2

From the right hand side of the dashboard screen, select the Configure button

Step 3

Tick the box next to the approvals widgets to enable them. There's one for New Job approvals, and one for Offer approvals. You can edit the order the widgets appear in by dragging and dropping them using the six small dots on to the left of the tick box. Once you've set everything up the way you like it, press the Save button.

Step 4

You should now see any jobs or offers that are awaiting your approval listed in your dashboard. The widgets will show the first few, but you can click the View All buttons below each section to see the complete list.

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