Sign Off Workflows are designed to assist with a requisition approval process, where one or more signatories need to approve the details of a job to be posted, or an offer of employment to be made to a candidate. A few important things to note:

Sign Offs can have multiple 'stages', with a number of signatories assigned to each stage and options to select how many of the signatories need to sign for the stage to be considered approved. The stages flow in order from the top down. Taking the image below as an example, when a job or offer is produced, the details will go first to the HR department to approve. Once the minimum number of signatories on that stage have given their approval, the workflow advances to the Finance team to approve, and when they have approved, the CEO is asked to approve. Once the CEO approves, the job will go immediately live, or the offer will be sent to the candidate.

Each stage can have multiple signatories, and you can set how many of these signatories need to sign for the stage to be considered approved. Taking the HR Department stage as the example, both Ryan and Edd are listed as signatories but only one of them needs to actually sign off for the stage to be considered complete and for the process to move on to the next stage in the list.

How To Create Your Sign Off Workflows

First, head to the Templates page, located under the Settings heading in the main left hand navigation bar in Pinpoint. Then click the Sign Off Workflows tab:

Click 'Create New' and give it a name:

Depending on the structure of your organization you may want to have multiple

Sign Off workflows if, for example, each department requires their own Head of Department to be a signatory for the department's job approvals.

To add a new stage to the workflow just drag and drop the New Stage block as shown here:

Then fill in the information on the right hand side:

Select the minimum number of signatories that must approve the job or offer before it can move onto the next stage in the workflow (or if there is only one stage, mark the job as approved, send the offer).

How to Link Departments to a Workflow

Next head to the 'Organisation' page which can be accessed from the main menu on the left. Click on the Sign Offs tab to view your sign off workflows, ready to have departments linked to them.

To create a link, click on the Action button (three small dots) on the right hand side of the screen for a given Sign Off Workflow.

From here, link the workflow for jobs and/or offer approval to the required departments and choose 'Save'.

That's it! Now any new jobs that are created in these departments will automatically follow your sign-off workflow.

What Do the Signatories See?

The email that an approver receives will look like this:

When they click the 'Review Job' button they'll be taken to a page with all of the job details on it, like this:

From there they can either approve the job or decline it and add some commentary.

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