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How do I set up an onboarding experience for my users?
How do I set up an onboarding experience for my users?

Ensure your users configure essential settings and integrations to get the most out of Pinpoint's core features.

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When you add a new user to Pinpoint, it may be important to you that the user configures certain settings and integrations immediately, to help you use some of Pinpoint's core features to their fullest.

A prime example of this is ensuring that users synchronise their calendar and conferencing accounts with Pinpoint so that you can take full advantage of our built-in Interviewing systems.

To help with this, Pinpoint allows you to ensure that certain groups of your users (such as your Hiring Managers or Interviewers) go through the setup of these features when they log into Pinpoint for the first time (or if they're already Pinpoint users, the next time they log into the platform after you switch this feature on).

Note: To take advantage of this feature, you'll need to have set up Access Groups, which you can find out more about by clicking here.

How do I configure the onboarding requirements for my users?

Step 1

Log into Pinpoint and from the left hand navigation bar, select the Team option under the Company heading

Step 2

From the team page, select the Access Groups tab

Step 3

If you're creating a new access group, choose the + New Access Group option, or if you'd like to enable this feature for an existing Access Group, click on the title of the Access Group.

Step 4

From the tabs at the top of this page, choose the Setup Wizard tab, and then Enable the Onboarding Wizard

Step 5:

Switch the toggle on, and select which features or integrations you'd like to enforce the group of users should set up when they log into Pinpoint for the first time (or the next time they log in, if they're an existing user). To use the interview system to it's fullest, we recommend that all the options around calendars and availability are switched on.

Step 6:

With the options toggled on, click the Save Changes button. From this moment on, when a user logs into the platform and they are part of this access group, they will be taken through the series of steps necessary to set up their calendar sync, or conferencing provider, or hiring manager profile etc, if they haven't already done so.

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