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How do I synchronize my Calendar with Pinpoint?
How do I synchronize my Calendar with Pinpoint?

Link your calendar to Pinpoint to schedule and manage interview events.

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Pinpoint integrates with several calendar providers, and linking a calendar to Pinpoint allows our interview system to

  • Establish when an interview team member is free to conduct interviews

  • Dynamically remove available interview slots from a candidate's self-scheduling portal if new events are added to an interview team member's calendar.

  • Add confirmed interviews to interview team members' calendars

Our system can integrate with

  • Google Calendar

  • Microsoft Office 365, Exchange and

  • Apple iCloud

Step 1

First, in the upper right hand corner of the screen, click on your initials or avatar image, and from the menu that appears, choose Settings

Step 2

Click the Integrations tab, then click Add Calendar

Step 3

From the list of providers that appears, choose the platform your company calendar system uses and then follow the next steps to log in or select the account you wish to sync with Pinpoint.

If you are an Outlook user, you may be on Office365 or Exchange. Please confirm with your IT department if you are unsure.

We use a 3rd party platform called Cronofy to read and write data to your calendars, so don't be alarmed if the wording on terms and conditions or access rights reflects the Cronofy brand rather than Pinpoint.

Please Note:

Office 365: We have historically seen some issues with accounts that were created in Exchange and then migrated over to O365, but still show as Exchange in your email platform. If in doubt as to which one you currently have, check with your IT team.

Exchange: If your Exchange server is on-premises or self-hosted, then you'll need to complete the two fields marked 'optional' as seen in the screenshot below. If you're not self-hosted, then you don't need to complete these. Speak to your IT team if in doubt.

iCloud: You will be asked to enter your Apple ID and App-specific password. To learn more about app-specific passwords, Apple have a helpguide on the subject here:

Once calendars are sync'd, you will be able to link your Pinpoint account to a video conferencing platform so you can schedule virtual interviews directly within Pinpoint.

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