Conducting your interviews through Pinpoint has never been easier. We offer the ability for you to schedule a time for candidates in the traditional manner, but also offer a self-scheduling system that allows candidates to pick their own time from your interview team's availability. The system can be templated and automated in many places to save countless hours of repetition and back-and-forth with candidates.

We've created a series of short guides to get you up to speed on how our interview system works; click the titles below to get going:

Getting ready for Interviews

1 - Important Terminology

In this article, read more about the core concepts from our interviews system,

2 - Interview Templates

Pinpoint's interview template system helps you standardise the way you interview across the business.

Inviting Candidates to Interview

3 - How do I invite a candidate to an interview?

Find out how to invite a candidate to interview in Pinpoint

4- Interview Scheduling options

Review the ways in which interviews are scheduled, including the candidate self-scheduling option.

Setting Up to be an Interviewer

5 - How do I synchronise my calendar with Pinpoint?

Have confirmed interviews populate your calendar automatically, and allow the people setting up interviews to check your live calendar availability

6 - How do I link my video conferencing system to Pinpoint?

Add a video conferencing system like Zoom or Microsoft Teams to Pinpoint to host remote video interviews directly from our platform.

7 - How do I set my interview availability rules?

Make sure you're only being booked for interviews at times that are convenient for you by configuring your availability rules.


8 - Interview FAQs

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