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How do I add a candidate to the Talent Pipeline from a Job?
How do I add a candidate to the Talent Pipeline from a Job?

Easily add candidates to your Talent Pipeline for future vacancies and keep them engaged.

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Pinpoint's Talent Pipeline allows you to keep a pool of candidates on file so that they can be invited to apply for future vacancies when the time is right.

Candidates can self-register for the Talent Pipeline from the Register Your Interest buttons on your careers site and application pages, but you can also add them directly from jobs they have applied to already. You may, for example, have a silver medalist from an existing interview process, who you'd want to take on, but for whom a position isn't available yet. They could then be added to the talent pipeline.

Adding a candidate to your Talent Pipeline

Step 1: While looking at the candidate's profile, click on the action button (three small dots, top right-hand corner of the application) and select Invite to Talent Pipeline.

Step 2: A dialogue box will appear asking you confirm whether you want to keep the tags you have applied to this candidate during the job application, and add any additional areas within the company you think they'd be a good candidate for. This will default to the department and location of the job they had applied to, but you can add others here too.

Step 3: Press Invite to Talent Pipeline and the candidate will be added. You can find any candidates you add in the Talent Pipeline page on the left hand side of Pinpoint.

Talent Pipeline Consent

In specific geographical locations, it may be necessary to inform candidates if you are adding them to the talent pipeline, or not.

Pinpoint has a preferences setting that allows you to decide if Talent Pipeline candidates are informed when they are added to the pipeline, and this is located in the Profile menu under the Company heading in the left-hand navigation bar.

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