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How to Invite a Candidate to a Job From Your Talent Pipeline
How to Invite a Candidate to a Job From Your Talent Pipeline

Learn how to invite a candidate to a job, who was previously added to your talent pipeline

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First, browse to the navigation on the left-hand side of your Pinpoint Admin Screen and select 'Manage Jobs' under the 'Jobs' section:

Locate the job that the candidate has applied for and click the job title to open it. 

Then, click the 'Talent Pipeline' tab (note you will need to have the system role of 'Talent Pipeline Manager' assigned to you in order to see this tab:

You will see a list of candidates who have previously been added to the Talent Pipeline and have been marked as suitable for the Department that your job is in i.e. if your job is in the IT department, but a candidate was only added to the Accounts department when they were added to the pipeline, you won't see them here.

Tick the box next to each of the candidates who you would like to invite, then click 'Invite to Apply' above. An email similar to this will be sent to them:

The candidate can click the link to view the job on your jobs portal and from there make an application if they wish.

The Talent Pipeline feature is available on our Light, Plus or Unlimited plans. Speak to your Customer Success Specialist for more details.

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