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Can I collect Diversity & Inclusion information for manually-added candidates?
Can I collect Diversity & Inclusion information for manually-added candidates?

Collect demographic information from candidates manually added to Pinpoint by sending them a demographic survey.

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We care a lot about helping you improve diversity, equity and inclusion through recruitment, but how do you collect demographic information from candidates if you’re adding them to Pinpoint manually, or they applied via a channel that doesn’t collect demographic information? Well, from today, you can send these candidates a demographic survey after they apply.


Sending this survey is only possible if the following conditions are met:

  • The job you are requesting this information for has it's Equality Monitoring questions enabled (this option is found in the New Job or Edit Job pages).

  • The candidate hasn't already filled in the Diversity and Inclusion questions themselves.

How do I send a candidate the Diversity and Inclusion survey?

Step 1: First, navigate to any Candidate's application, and click on the action button (the three small dots) to the right hand side of the candidate's name.

Step 2: From the menu that appears, click on the Send Equality Monitoring Survey button.

Step 3: Clicking the button will reveal a dialogue box detailing the process for the candidate. Once you are happy, click the Send button to send the survey to the candidate.

Once this has been done, the candidate will be emailed a link to follow to complete the Diversity and Inclusion questions.

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