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Email Template: Introducing Scorecards
Email Template: Introducing Scorecards

An email template for you to use to introduce scorecards

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Hi Team,

[Next month/This year], we're going to be rolling out a scorecard system for assessing candidates through Pinpoint. This will help us to standardize our interview scoring process, and help us to make even better hiring decisions.

What are scorecards?

A scorecard is essentially a set of factors that you would like to assess the candidate on. For example one might be 'Cultural Fit', and within 'Cultural Fit' we would consider our companies values vs the applicant.

As we know, there’s a broad body of research that shows that structured interviews are more effective than those that are unstructured. These interview scorecards allow us to create a structured, standardized way of assessing a candidate.

In Pinpoint we can use a 5-point scale, so we can assess the candidate on each defined attribute, and score them from 1 to 5.

Why use scorecards?

Understanding the specific qualities we want in a candidate can ensure that we hire the right person. Yet, of course, without a system for assessing these qualities it's too easy to stray into unrelated topics.

Scorecards ensure that each interview for a given vacancy is fair and consistent, reducing the risk that subjectivity takes over, which can undermine the hiring process.

On occasion we may make a hiring mistake, and a review of the scorecards for that hire will provide valuable insights that help drive better hiring decisions.

Conversely, if a hire turns out to be particularly impressive we will be able to look back at their scorecards, and identify traits to look for in future candidates.

With scorecards, we can review the feedback from others in the interview and quickly compare results.

What's next?

We'll be creating a scorecard for each type of role, and we'll work with you to define what attributes you believe matter the most to you.

Please start to think about what those attributes might be - look at your best team members and consider what qualities they have which makes them a great fit for the role. Choose 5-10 attributes for each type of role.

We'll share more about the scorecards process in the coming [days/weeks], and get some time in your diary to hash it out.

If you have any questions in the meantime just reply back.

Thank you!

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