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How to Schedule a Video Interview Using the MyInterview Integration
How to Schedule a Video Interview Using the MyInterview Integration
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Within Pinpoint, you can run video interviews using our integration with MyInterview.

In order to integrate with MyInterview please contact MyInterview customer support (their live chat is pretty responsive) and request them to set up the Pinpoint integration on their side. Once this is done they will supply you with an API key and a Secret key that you can add in to the integration within Pinpoint.

You will need to have a MyInterview account setup in order for us to integrate your Pinpoint system with them. Once you've set up your account, send us your API key and we'll take care of the rest. We can have you up and running within 24 hours.

A new video interview needs to be configured for each interview within each job. So for instance, if you always have a video interview for every job you recruit for, you'll need to configure an interview for every one of those jobs. The reason for this is that you may want to ask different questions depending on the type of role you're recruiting for, so it makes the most sense that you can stipulate these questions on a job-per-job basis.

How to add a video interview stage to an existing job

Before submitting a video interview request to a candidate, you'll need to ensure that the Hiring Workflows for the job include a video interview stage. 

1. Whilst viewing a job, click 'Edit' in the sub-menu for the job, then click 'Edit Stages'.  From here you can add or edit stages for the job.

2. Click and drag the 'Video Interview' stage and drop it onto the hiring workflow.

And that's it. Now you can start moving candidates into the new video interview stage, in preparation for inviting them to interview. See 'How to invite a candidate to video interview' below.

How to add a video interview to a Hiring Workflow template

1. First head to 'Hiring Workflows' in the main menu on the left. Note that you will need to have the user role of 'Company Manager' in order to view this menu item.

2. Locate the video interview stage and drag it onto your Hiring Workflow. Drop it wherever you want the video stage to be within that Hiring Workflow.

3. Give it a name that makes sense to you and that's it. You're now ready to use this Hiring Workflow in any new jobs you create.

How to invite a candidate to video interview

Ensure you've added a video interview stage to the job (see 'How to add a video interview stage to an existing job' above).

1. Whilst in a job, click 'Manage Interviews' from the job's sub-menu, then select the video interview.

2. Next, give the interview a title that will make sense to the candidates (as they will see this). 

3. You can opt to hide the questions until the candidate begins the recording, which means they don't have time to pre-prepare. You may wish to do this where you want them to provide on-the-spot answers, giving you a better sense of their skills and experience.

4. 'Countdown Seconds' is the number of seconds the candidate has to read your questions before they have to answer it.

5. Specify how many retakes they're allowed, or enter 0 for none.

6. Next, add your questions. 

7. Type in your question and ensure it reads well.

8. Specify the 'Time to read and answer in seconds' which is the amount of time the candidate has to read the question and provide their answer, e.g. for five minutes enter '300'.

9. Next click on the 'Invites' tab.

10. You should see any candidates that are currently in the video interview stage in the 'Uninvited candidates' section.

11. Tick the box next to each candidate that you wish to invite. 

12. Click the 'Invite to video interview' button.

13. Hit 'Yes' to confirm.

If you want to check that the email sent, or you want to see what it looks like, head to the candidate's profile and click the 'Messages' tab. You should see the email there which looks like this:

You can edit the content of this email template in the 'Email Templates' section. which is accessed from the main menu on the left in the 'Settings' section. This email template is called 'Video Interview Invite':

When the candidate clicks the button in the email they will get taken to a web page where they can begin the interview. They'll be presented with each question and will record their response using their webcam and microphone.

Once their video interview is complete, you'll get notified by email (if you have permissions to view the job). You'll then be able to review their video directly in Pinpoint under the candidate's 'Videos' section, as shown below:

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