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HackerRank Integration
HackerRank Integration
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HackerRank allows you to send candidates coding assessments as part of the interview process. This integration lets you invite candidates to take HackerRank tests directly from our platform. Please note that specific test details, such as time limits and questions, must be managed on the HackerRank site.

How do I set up the integration with HankerRank?

To start using the HackerRank integration, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Integrations section in the Settings subsection of the navigation bar.

2. In the Apps tab, search for the HackerRank App card and add it to your company's available integrations.

3. After adding the app, navigate to the My Apps tab and select the HackerRank integration. Enter your HackerRank API Key and save it.

Make sure to save the API key before enabling the integration.

4. Once the API key is saved, enable the integration.

How do I send a candidate a HackerRank assessment?

After enabling the integration, you can invite candidates to take HackerRank assessments:

1. On the candidate's application page, use the additional options menu to select Send HackerRank Assessment.

2. A side panel will open with the candidate's email address, first name, and last name pre-filled. For anonymous hiring, only the Select Assessment dropdown will be visible. The dropdown will only display active tests from your HackerRank account.

3. Click Send Invite to send the assessment to the candidate. Currently, candidates can only be invited to a test once.

How do I track a candidate's progress on a HakerRank assessment?

1. After inviting a candidate, an assessment tab will appear on their application page with an assessment card indicating they have been invited.

2. Click on the assessment card to open a drawer with more information about the assessment status.

Detailed tracking of a candidate's progress must be done on the HackerRank website.

What happens after the candidate completes the assessment?

You will receive a notification and email once the candidate completes the HackerRank assessment.

The assessment card will update to show the candidate's completion status, score, and links to download a PDF report or view the report on the HackerRank website.

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