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Onboarding Candidates
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Once a candidate has been hired, they can be added to your onboarding. You can see their progress from the candidates page. The progress bar will show you how many stages are completed and which require your attention. Filters allow you to customize this view and save specific lists, like candidates in your department needing action.

How do I add a Candidate to Onboarding?

The first step to adding a candidate to onboarding is to make sure that they have been moved to a hired stage within the job workflow. Next, click on the candidate's name to pull up their application.

With the candidate's application open, you will see three dots in the top right corner. Click on these dots to open the menu. In the menu, you will see an option to "Send to Onboarding". Click on this option to add the candidate to the onboarding process.

When you send a candidate to Onboarding, you will be prompted for a start date. The onboarding process is built around this date to help prompt actions before and after they begin work.

Depending on the version of onboarding you are using, you will either send the candidate to a process or workflow. Below are the steps for each.


Now that the candidate is in onboarding, you can use the three dots next to their name to assign them to a Process. To speed up this step, it might be helpful to save a view showing all candidates that still need to be assigned.

From here, you will be asked to fill out which Process they will be assigned to and for some other important information.


If you are using onboarding workflows, please go to the Candidates profile from the Candidates list.

Once their page is open, click on the "Invitations" button to invite them to a workflow. You will need to select the portal, and workflow to save.

Before it is sent out, you will be asked if you want the invite sent immediately or scheduled for a future date.

How do I save a Candidates View?

You can save candidate views to help organize tasks. For example, we can create one that shows which candidates need to be assigned a process or complete a background check.

To create a view, add a filter to the normal view.

In this example I'll also add my department and location, so I only see candidates that are unassigned in my department.

Once you have all the filters you want to add, scroll down to the bottom of the filter's menu and click save. You will be prompted to add a name to the view.

How do I open a saved view?

Now, whenever you want to return to that view, use the "Views" button at the top right of the candidate page within onboarding.

What do the different onboarding colors mean?

From the workflow view, you can see a color-coded bar showing each candidate's progress. To find out more about each bar, hover over the section. Below is a quick description of each color.

  • Light Green - In Progress

  • Dark Green - Complete

  • Peach - Needs Review

  • Orange - Overdue

  • Red - Failed

  • Grey - Not Started

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