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April 2024 New Features - Export Candidates, Interview Attendance and Private Folders
April 2024 New Features - Export Candidates, Interview Attendance and Private Folders
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We have some exciting new features for April. The video below walks through the changes, or you can check our the sections below explaining each update.

PDF Exports

Candidates' applications, scorecards, comments, CVs, and resumes can now be exported in bulk. This can be helpful when non-pinpoint users are involved in the hiring process or need to create hardcopy backups for audits. By default, this feature is not enabled to respect each company's privacy policy. If you would like to use the PDF export feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Private Folders

You can now create private folders to secure sensitive documents. Documents uploaded to a private folder are only visible to the uploader, which can be helpful when uploading background checks or offers created outside of Pinpoint. To create private folders, you need permission, which can be granted from the User Management page.

Copy Offer

To help save time, you can now copy previous offers when negotiating with a candidate. If the candidate has previous offers that have expired, rejected, or been retracted, you can copy them when sending a new offer.

Interview Attendance

You can now mark if a candidate has not shown up for an interview. This helps leave a record that the interview was successfully scheduled and can also be seen when the candidate applies for other jobs. By default, interviews are marked as "Completed" but can be changed to "No Show". In the Insights Hub, this can be viewed as "Presence".

Deleted Events Email

When an interview is deleted from the host's calendar, an email alerting the other interviewers and the hiring manager is now sent. From there, you can add a new host or contact the candidate to reschedule. We will not alert the candidate.

Multilingual Job Templates

You can now create a Job Template with multilingual support. This makes it easier to post similar positions in different languages. English will still need to be added to the job since it's the system's default language.

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