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January 2024 New Features - Approval Dashboard, Preview Jobs, and Enhanced Mobile Use
January 2024 New Features - Approval Dashboard, Preview Jobs, and Enhanced Mobile Use
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Approvals Dashboard - All your sign-off requirements in a single page

See all Requisitions, Offers, and Jobs awaiting your approval in one place. We’ve created a central dashboard so you can keep track of what has been requested, what you still have to review, and what has been signed off already. You can also see “All Approvals” across your team to keep track of what’s still waiting on approval.

Jobs: Preview job postings

Review your job postings from the candidate’s point of view. We have added the ability to preview a job description and application to confirm both are clear and user-friendly before they are published.

Enhanced application review on mobile

We've refined Pinpoint's candidate review pages to be even faster to use on mobile. Be first to review your candidates so you never miss out on the best talent.

'Sensitive' Custom Fields

Ensure sensitive information is only reviewed by the appropriate users. Set your custom fields as sensitive so only authorized users can view and amend them.

Language: Multilingual Equality Monitoring and new languages offered

The Equality Monitoring survey part of a job application form can now be served in languages other than English for a more inclusive candidate experience. We’ve also introduced Korean, Vietnamese, and Filipino as new languages for our multilingual system.

Applications: Update candidate data across all applications

Easily update candidate information to maintain consistency and improve data quality. You can now adjust a candidate’s name, email address, phone number, and D.O.B fields, and have this field updated across all applications a candidate has made.

Metaview Integration

Metaview’s AI automatically summarizes notes from your most important recruiting meetings, so you can save time, focus on what matters, and capture perfect candidate data.

Integrate Metaview with Pinpoint to unlock:

  • AI-powered recruiting notes: Metaview’s AI provides perfect summaries of all your recruiting calls, whether it’s intakes, screens, interviews, or debriefs. Customize notes to match your exact needs and leverage their Assistant chatbot to instantly recall key details or pull out insights from conversations.

  • Automatic capture: Metaview automatically records, transcribes, and summarizes calls scheduled through Pinpoint, so you can get your AI-powered notes without even having to think about it.

  • Richer candidate data: Links between Metaview and Pinpoint make it easy to jump from notes & recordings in Metaview to the candidate’s profile in Pinpoint, and vice-versa. So all of the data sources you have on a candidate are readily accessible in one place.

  • Seamless team management: Seamlessly create Metaview accounts for the whole hiring team so everyone can benefit from Metaview’s AI-generated notes.

Requisitions: View previous statuses and notify more users

You can now view previous statuses of archived requisitions to get a more complete history of requisitions for improved record-keeping.

We have also created a “Requisition Approved” notification for users other than the requisition creator. If a requisition is approved:

  • Users who can manage requisitions are notified for all approved requisitions

  • Users who can view requisitions are notified for any requisitions they have visibility over

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