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September 2023 New Features - Candidate Updates and Cord Integration
September 2023 New Features - Candidate Updates and Cord Integration
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The Headlines

Candidate Profiles: All information in one place

See a complete history of your relationship with a candidate from one view. With our updated candidate profiles, you can see all applications, CVs, scorecards, tags, comments, and messages related to an individual across all the jobs they've applied to. You’ll get a full record of their history so you can make better hiring decisions, increase screening efficiency, and give candidates a better experience by acknowledging previous interactions.

Candidate Screening: Filter job applicant list by tags

Speed up the screening process and filter by tags. When looking at the candidate list in a job, you can filter by specific tags to reject or advance candidates based on certain criteria. For example, if you are only looking for candidates on the east coast, you can filter by candidates with the timezone tag of PST and send them a templated rejection email in just a few clicks.

Candidate Surveys: Only send to interviewed candidates

We’ve added a setting that allows you to send Candidate Surveys only to candidates who have attended at least one interview. Applicants will have a better experience if they are only prompted to give feedback on the process when relevant, and reports will be more focused on actionable improvements.

Email: Full editor when replying

Your replies just got more thorough. Pressing the reply button to a message allows you to use a fuller email editor, allowing for significantly more formatting options.

Integrations: cord

Pinpoint has teamed up with cord, the messaging tool for making direct hires. If your team uses cord, you can import jobs from Pinpoint, link them with positions on cord, and automatically have candidates sent to Pinpoint when they’re sourced on cord. Details of how to enable this integration can be found at this link.

Other Small but Mighty Changes

Applications: Option for middle names

In job applications, you can now include an option for middle names, creating a more inclusive experience. Having middle names in a separate field can also make it easier to map data onto other HR tools or reports. You can find the option to require a middle name in the New Job menu, or Edit Job menu for existing jobs.

User Management: Download a CSV of all users

Use our Report Builder to download a complete report on all Pinpoint users in your account. Audit agency accounts, inactive accounts, and access groups to ensure compliance and maintain data hygiene.

Requisitions: Archive rejected requisitions

Keep your Requisitions tidy so there is no confusion about what is approved. If a requisition is rejected during the sign off workflow, you can now archive them so they are not visible on the index page, but you still keep the history for future reference. You can find these rejected or old requisitions in the archived requisitions index view.

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