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How do I use Pinpoint as an External Recruiter?
How do I use Pinpoint as an External Recruiter?

Easily manage your recruitment agency partners and streamline candidate uploads using Pinpoint as an External Recruiter.

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Adding your recruitment agency partners to Pinpoint allows the agency to directly upload candidates into roles, so you don't have to.

This article covers the main areas of the recruiter's Pinpoint access.

Invite an external recruiter to your Pinpoint instance

An external recruiter is only able to add candidates to jobs that you give them access to. They can't see candidates that they did not add themselves, and they cannot be assigned roles.

First, browse down on the Pinpoint dashboard and select 'User Management' under the 'Company' section, then click on the 'External Recruiters' tab as displayed below.


Next, click to '+ Invite New Recruiter':

Now you need to add them like you would any other user, be sure to assign their visibilities to ensure they can see the jobs you want them too. They will receive an invitation to their email with a link to finalise their account setup.

You can also add an existing recruiter to a role from within the job - click into the role you want to give the recruiter access to, and click "Team" in the top right corner.

When in the "Team" page, click "permissions" (this can either be for the whole job, or a specific stage) and then select the recruiter from the drop down "Employee" list.

What can an External Recruiter see in the platform?

Once you have invited an external recruiter to your pinpoint platform they will have a very similar view, to that of the admin panel.

There are however some differences in the way that a recruiter can utilise the platform.

In the manage jobs section of the platform, recruiters will be able to see all roles they have been given visibility over. However they will only be able to see the candidates that they have personally uploaded into the role.

The recruiter will not be able to see messages, scorecards or comments left by internal users in the candidate profile. They can leave their own comments for their personal use.

How does an external recruiter upload candidates?

External recruiters upload candidates in the same way that you would manually add candidates into a job.

Once inside the job that they wish to upload a candidate into, they can select "+ Add Candidates" in the top right corner.

From here the recruiter will be given the option to "create from form" or "Create from Resume/CV". The Candidate will automatically be attributed to the external recruiter.

Once a recruiter has uploaded the candidate, they cannot make edits to the application, or the candidate details.

Please note: An external recruiter cannot add candidates directly to the talent pipeline

Communicating with candidates added by an external recruiter

For candidates that have been uploaded into roles by an external recruiter, all messages and interview invites will be sent directly to the recruiter not the candidate.

You can edit the standard email templates sent out to recruiters on behalf of candidates, in Settings > Templates > Email Templates > Standard Recruiter Templates

The only communication that will be sent directly to the candidate will be the offer, if one is issued.

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