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Enforcing a Headcount on a Job
Enforcing a Headcount on a Job
Use Pinpoint's headcount system to restrict the number of candidates it's possible to hire for a particular job
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Pinpoint offers you the option to enforce a headcount on any vacancy you create, so that only a certain number of people can be moved into the hired stage. This is a precursor to a larger piece of work around requisitioning that will be released in the near future. For now, if you'd like to have the headcount system switched on for your platform, you'll need to reach out to your Customer Success Specialist, or ask in our support chat system.

When the system is enabled, the New Job page will contain an option called Headcount.

You can enable this on a job by job basis, and then select the maximum number of hires you wish to make for the position.

When the maximum number of 'heads' have been moved to the hired stage, the job will automatically close to new applicants, and you won't be able to re-open it unless you edit the job's headcount settings to increase the capacity.

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