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Creating and using Job Templates in Pinpoint
Creating and using Job Templates in Pinpoint

Create template job details for the roles you hire for regularly with Pinpoint's Job Template system

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Pinpoint's job template system allows you to save the details of your commonly used job vacancies, to use again and again when creating new vacancies. You can create these templates by either filling in an empty vacancy template, or by grabbing the details from an exiting job in your system.

How do I create template jobs?

Note: You will need to have the Company Manager role assigned to you in order to create and edit templates.

Step 1: Select the Templates menu under the Settings heading in Pinpoint's left hand navigation bar.

Step 2: From this menu, select the Job Templates page, and click the Create New button

Step 3: Either complete all the required details of the job you want to template, or at the top of the page, select an existing job from your current vacancies to grab all the details from. Using this option will fill in all the details here, and you can then edit them as you need to before you create the job template.

Step 4: With all the details complete, press the Create Job Template button. The templates will then be ready to use for any newly create vacancies.

How do I use a template for a new job?

Step 1: Choose the New Job button under the Jobs heading in Pinpoint's left hand navigation bar.

Step 2: at the top of the New Job page, use the Create a Job from a Template drop down to pick out one of your template jobs.

Step 3: The details from the template will now be pulled into the various fields in the New Job page, so that you can tweak the details before publishing the job.

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