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How do I set my interview availability rules?
How do I set my interview availability rules?

Configure your availability rules to set your preferred interview times and buffer periods.

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You want to take part in interviews between Monday and Thursday only, and only after 11am as you've got your team's morning meeting and emails to deal with before that? No problem! Pinpoint's rule-based availability allows you to configure when you can be considered 'available' during the average week. This, combined with your calendar's actual availability (if you have your calendar sync'd with Pinpoint) is then considered together when your availability is being checked for interviews, when you've opted for the Interviewing Team's Calendar Availability option.

You can also set buffer periods before or after an interview (to prepare or write up notes), and a minimum notice period, so that you can't be booked for an interview at too short notice.

Step 1

First, in the upper right hand corner of the screen, click on your initials or avatar image, and from the menu that appears, choose Settings

Step 2

Click on the Availability tab, and within that page, click on the Availability Rules tab

Step 3

On the Weekly Schedule, the periods marked in Green are your normal available interviewing hours in your configured timezone. You can then click and drag on any part of the week to add or remove blocks of available time. Green is time where you're free, white is time where you are unavailable.

Step 4

Once your calendar rules are set to your liking, press the Save New Rules button on the bottom right hand side of the calendar.

Step 5

Next, you can set which of your synchronised calendars Pinpoint should take account of when you checking to see if you are busy. Here, I have some other calendars in my system that I don't want to be taken account of, as they are for planning purposes and would make my whole week look 'busy' to our system, so i have unselected them.

Step 6

Finally, you can set up your buffer and minimum notice periods to make sure a suitable gap is left before or after your interview before you can be booked in for another one.

With these rules set, and with your calendar sync'd, you can be sure you'll only be booked into interviews within the right times for you.

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