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Important Terminology for Interviews
Important Terminology for Interviews

Learn about the Pinpoint users who participate in interviews.

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There are a few key pieces of terminology we use in our interview platform, so let's get familiar with them.

Interview Team

The Pinpoint user (or users) who will take part in the an interview. This can be any user of Pinpoint, no matter what level of access they have to the system.

Calendar Sync

Pinpoint users can connect a range of calendar systems to our platform, such as Google Calendar, iCal, Office 365 etc. This allows those configuring interviews to see when an interviewer or interview team are available to conduct interviews while they are in the process of inviting a candidate. It also allows scheduled interviews to be added to the interviewers' calendars automatically.


One of Pinpoint's unique features is a system that allows candidates to pick their own time and date for interview. This is done by offering them a series of interview 'slots' to pick from. These slots can be created from the Interview team's 'Availability' automatically, or set manually.


In Pinpoint, an interview team's availability to attend interviews can be decided in a few ways.

  • Your interviewers can set some Availability Rules that define when they can be considered free to interview in a normal week. For example, They may allow themselves to be available for interviews between 11am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

  • These Availability Rules can then be combined with the live availability from their calendar (if they have synchronised it with Pinpoint). For example, if they have an hour's meeting in their calendar at 11am on Tuesday, our system will no longer offer that as an available interview time to a candidate.

  • Availability can also be set manually for any interview if you are unable to synchronise your calendars to Pinpoint, or you can bypass availability altogether and just book a time and date for a candidate.

We'll touch on all of these in the next few help guides. Before we start inviting candidates though, we first need to look at how we structure interviews in Pinpoint using Interview Templates.

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