How do I review Candidates in Pinpoint?

Use Queuing and Compare views to View candidates quicker and more effectively

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Pinpoint allows you to view or list candidates in multiple ways and are detailed below.

Viewing the Candidate List

Upon entering a job, you will navigate to the 'All' view where you can see all candidates who have applied to that particular job.

Here you can click into each Candidate profile by clicking the candidate's name and view the application, resume, messages etc.

Queuing Candidates

By selecting the 'Tick-Box' next to the candidate's name the action bar will appear where you can 'Queue' candidates to view them one at a time and progress to the next candidate without the need to return to the list page.

Once you click 'Queue' you will be taken to the first candidate in the queue. In here you can perform a number of actions;

  1. Exiting the queue will return you to the candidate list page.

  2. Selecting 'Previous' will return you to the last candidate you viewed.

  3. The '1 of X Candidates' will inform you of where you are within the queue.

  4. Selecting 'Next' will move you to the next candidate in the queue.

  5. Selecting 'Remove' will remove the candidate from the queue (in the above example, the queue will update to have 10 candidates instead of 11).

You can also select which view you would like to use when queuing candidates by selecting the 'Stacked' or 'Split' view using the icons on the right hand side of the profile.

Comparing Candidates

An alternative to queuing candidates is to 'Compare' them in a side by side view allowing you to view multiple candidates within the same page.

Use the tick boxes within the candidate list page to select the candidates you would like to compare.

Once you click 'Compare' you will be taken to the first two candidates in the list.

Within this view you can action a number of items;

  1. Use the arrow buttons on each candidate to go to the next candidate in the list.

  2. Click the 'Remove from comparison' text to remove the candidate from this view and replace them with the next candidate on the list.

  3. Toggle 'Synchronize Scrolling' to have both profiles scroll at the same time or toggle this off so each profile scrolls independently.

  4. Click 'Configure' to control which elements of the profile you wish to see and where.

You can utilise both features within any hiring stage of your process and action each candidate as needed.

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