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Reassigning a Hiring Workflow Template
Reassigning a Hiring Workflow Template

Assign a new Hiring Workflow to an already-live vacancy

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Pinpoint's Hiring Workflow templates allow you to create a set of standardised hiring processes for your roles, by assigning a number of stages to move candidates through in their journey from Applied through to Hired or Rejected.

These template workflows can then be picked when creating a new vacancy in Pinpoint. If however, you want to change which template workflow a vacancy is using after the job has been made live, you can do so from within the Job's overview page by clicking on the Edit menu, and then the Edit Stages sub menu.

From the Edit Stages page, you can either choose to add or remove individual stages (B) or in this case, choose a whole new template from the New Hiring Workflow drop down menu (A).

Once you've chosen another workflow to use, press the Map Stage button.

The workflow reassignment page will appear. In this page, you will need to configure which stage candidates will appear in once the new workflow has been applied, based on the stage they are currently in. In the example below, candidates who reside in a stage called Review currently, will be moved into the 'Pre Screen' stage when the new workflow is applied.

Once you have mapped all the current stages to all the new stages, you will be able to complete the transfer but clicking the Reassign Workflow button at the bottom of the page.

The new workflow will now be applied and ready to use.

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