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How do I post my jobs on Totaljobs?
How do I post my jobs on Totaljobs?
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You can use Pinpoint's integration with Totaljobs and use your existing totaljobs credits to buy job adverts for any of your open roles.

This guide is split into 2 parts:

Linking your Totaljobs account with Pinpoint

Step 1: To enable the integration, you will first need to have a Totaljobs account. Once you do, you'll need to navigate to the Integrations page under the Settings heading in the Pinpoint left hand menu bar.

Step 2: In the Apps tab on this page, find the Totaljobs integration, and press the Add button.

Step 3: Once added, You'll need to fill in your Totaljobs account details, including username and password, and the 'Live Days' number (which will be included in your Totaljobs Contract) You'll also need to add an email address that will receive notifications from Totaljobs informing you of any new applicants to the role.

For this integration, you will need your "Feed Credentials" which may differ from your usual TotalJobs log in information - please reach out to your TotalJobs account manager to confirm your feed credentials.

Step 4: Once that's been done and you have saved the details, you will need to Enable the integration by clicking on the disable/enable button in the top right hand corner so that it shows Enabled.

Creating a new Totaljobs advert from within Pinpoint

Step 1: From within any job's overview page in Pinpoint, select the Adverts tab, and then the Integrations option

Step 2: Select the Create Posting button under the Totaljobs heading

Step 3: Complete the required Totaljobs options surrounding the job postings and select the Create Posting button.

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