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How can I use Custom Fields in my hiring process?
How can I use Custom Fields in my hiring process?

Custom Fields allow you to collect and store additional data in Pinpoint.

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Custom Fields are designed to allow you to collect, store, and utilise additional data around your hiring process that isn't already collected as standard in Pinpoint.

For example, when creating a job, you may want to capture information that isn't accounted for in Pinpoint's standard fields like Name and Salary. Custom fields allow you to add your own fields to the New Job form, so that you can capture specific pieces of information that your business needs, perhaps to detail a sign-on bonus is to be paid, and another field to show how much is being offered.

Custom fields aren't restricted just to jobs, so you could use Custom Fields to ensure specific offer details are included in the offer letter for every candidate, such as bonus or share allocations. These are just two examples, but the ways in which you could use custom fields to customise your hiring processes are endless.

Where can I use Custom Fields?

Custom Fields can be assigned to:

  • Jobs (and the data from the fields is included in the Sign-Off draft for approval)

  • Applications

  • Talent Pipeline Candidates

  • Offers (including the offer letter and offer email)

  • The data from custom fields can be used in the Report Builder.

What type of fields can be created?

Custom fields can be:

  • Short Text Fields

  • Long Text Fields

  • Integers

  • Decimal Numbers

  • Dates

  • Yes/No Booleans

  • Select / Pick from List (Single)

  • Select / Pick from List (Multi-Select)

How do I create Custom Fields?

You'll need to be a company Administrator to set up custom fields.

Step 1

Firstly, navigate to the Custom Fields page from the Pinpoint settings menu.

Step 2

Select the Create New button on the right hand side of the screen

Step 3

Define the details of the custom field, including which part of Pinpoint the field is used in, the type of data you are collecting, and a sample value for use in the Report Builder preview.

Step 4

Press the Save button, and the custom field will now be ready to use in the platform

Reordering Custom Fields

The order the custom fields appear in their respective location can be adjusted using the up down arrows to change their position.

Reordering Custom Field Elements

The order of any elements inside a select or multi-select custom field can also be changed by dragging and dropping any item in the list.

Sensitive Custom Fields

Pinpoint has a user permission that allows assigned users to see details in the platform marked as sensitive. This includes certain application questions answered by a candidate, and any custom fields marked as Sensitive in their setup. You can mark custom fields as sensitive in the Custom Field setup process detailed above.

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