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Onboarding Portals

Customize what candidates see when they log in to onboarding

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Portals allow you to customize what candidates see when they complete their onboarding. Like Pinpoint careers sites, portals are made up of multiple 'blocks' such as text, quotations, videos, and images. You can customize the quantity and order of these to tailor your candidates' experience to your taste. Multiple portals can be created to customize the experience for different brands or parts of the same company.

How do I create a portal?

1. Navigate to the Candidate Portal page of the Onboarding system.

2. From this page, create your first portal by clicking on the Create New button. Give the portal a title and choose Create.

3. Your new page will start with a single block, titled 'Hero', which is an image or video background with text and a button overlaid on top. Clicking on that button will take the candidates to first stage of their workflow. You can add any number of blocks here, and reorder them by clicking on the 6 little dots on the left hand side of the block's name, dragging them up and down the list of blocks as necessary. You can preview the portal as you're working by clicking the Preview button at the bottom of the page.

4. As you add blocks, you can edit the details of what appears in each block by clicking on the edit symbol.

5. Once you have the correct blocks in place and you're happy with the detail they contain, click the Save Template button to save the changes you've made. You'll be taken back to the Portal list, which will now contain your newly created first portal.

You can edit the setup of your portal at any time, even while it's live and candidates are using it.

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